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Lily's White English Goldens!

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    * All puppies sold will be honestly represented and evaluated as accurately as possible.
     * Lilys White English Goldens warranties this puppy to be free of all communicable diseases for 72 hours, 



* Buyer can have the puppy  examined by a licensed veterinarian (at buyer's expense) within a period of no more than 3 days of delivery . .
    * If within 3 days from the time the buyer takes possession of the puppy, it is found by a licensed veterinarian not to be in good health, excluding coccidia and guardia, as these are conditions that can be brought on by stress from being seperated from littermates and traveling, Lily's White English Goldens must be notified immediately.  Lilys White English Goldens will then decide to issue a refund after puppy is returned or replace the puppy with a new puppy(at breeders discretion), once the examining veterinarian has furnished a health report to Lilys White English Goldens. The buyer is responsible for any shipping fees and/ or crate fees needed to deliver the puppy safely to Lilys White English Goldens.
    * If buyer chooses to incure medical treatment it is totally the financial and physical responsibility of the buyer. 
    * If during the course of the time stated above this puppy is examined by two (2) unassociated veterinarians and found to have a congenital or genetic disorder, which will seriously impact the quality of life, short of euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy's life, Lilys White English Goldens will upon provision of veterinary reports, provide buyer with a replacement puppy.
      Should buyer choose to relinquish ownership of the puppy to Lilys White English Goldens,  Lilys White English Goldens will replace the puppy less any shipping or miscellaneous charges necessary for transportation of puppy to/ from Lilys White English Goldens. AKC paper with a signed transfer must accompany the puppy.
    * In the event that your puppy should suddenly die, within the 3 day period  from date of purchase, an autopsy should be performed within 72 hours of the time of death at the expense of the buyer.  If the buyer wishes not to perform an autopsy then this warrarntee becomes null and void.  While waiting for an autopsy to be performed the puppy should be kept refrigerated, NOT FROZEN, to keep puppy from decaying.
    * If an autopsy is performed and it is determined that the puppy died from a Congenital or Genetic defect the puppy will be replaced once the buyer has furnished Lilys White English Goldens with a veterinarian report as to the cause of death. Buyer will pay all shipping expenses if a replacement puppy is offered. If an autopsy is performed, at the buyers expense, and it is determined that the puppy did NOT die from a genetic defect Lilys White English Goldens is no longer liable for any compensation for  puppy.
    *  Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available, and all canine illness are NOT covered by vaccination, we Strongly Recommend that all Lilys White English Goldens dogs/puppies be kept on a HIGH QUALITY DOG FOOD. We mix several differant brands together to ensure our Golden Retrievers get a well balanced diet.  This choice also helps our puppies re adjust to the new diets preferred by the new owners.  
    * Veterinarian expenses incurred by the buyer, for any reason, will not be Lilys White English Goldens responsibility.
    * Size, color, show quality, breeding ability and temperament of puppy are not guaranteed.
    * If ALL conditions of this contract are not met, this contract is then  void.
    * This contract supersedes any and all previous agreements.
    * This Guarantee is Non-Transferable.
    * All Added Terms written takes presidence over all above printed material.
    * By sending your payment for this puppy in either; cash, money order, Paypal or credit card, you have acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to all of the terms and conditions of the contract!
    * By signing below you agree to all terms and conditions as stated in this contract.
    * Both parties are aware that this is a legal and binding contract.

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Your puppy will have been vaccinated and wormed appropriate to its age.  We have taken great care in keeping puppy safe from parvo and puppy has been wormed, Coccidia and Guardia are parasites that show up due to stress so you need to be prepared to treat this because it pops up in some of the Puppies when they are re homed, it’s pretty common and easy to treat and you will notice it if your pup has runny Poo, your vet can do a fecal and medication if necessary.  It is your responsibility to keep puppy safe from contracting parvo and parasites by keeping it OFF THE GROUND in highly used areas by dogs such as rest stops, pet parks, even your neighborhood and especially in and around your veterinarian’s office!  Wait 10 days before giving your dog any vaccines after pick up or delivery; if you fail to do so the warranty is void.

    *While we have done testing on our parents and have no reason to believe there will be any genetic defects If something genetic happens we will make it right by either replacing the puppy or covering the xtra ________amount you paid for full akc for breeding.  (Any delivery or veterinarian fees are responsibility of pet owner) Our warranty is only if it is genetic and life altering. So basically for a pet that means the pet wouldn't be able to function as a pet then we would replace with another puppy on return of other. It's only 1 year for heart and eyes since those clearances can be done at 12 months and 26 months to allow for hips and elbows. For breeders we take back and replace a puppy or refund the xtra breeding portion paid if you choose to keep the dog__________if they fail a clearance.